Monday, February 17, 2020
Jesse G. Keyser

Keyser remains in custody after repeated incidents of domestic abuse

A Warrens man remains in custody following multiple incidents involving aggravated battery and domestic abuse. 

On Sept. 3, Jesse G. Keyser, 38, was charged in Monroe County Circuit Court with stalking resulting in bodily harm as domestic abuse, three counts of intimidating victims by use of force, false imprisonment as domestic abuse, four counts of felony bail jumping, four counts of misdemeanor bail jumping, criminal damage to property as domestic abuse, two counts of battery as domestic abuse and two counts of disorderly conduct as domestic abuse. 

According to the complaint, on Aug. 30, at approximately 5:12 a.m., officers were dispatched to the residence in Warrens. The caller stated his father, Keyser, was allegedly hitting his mother and that he had been harassing their family for days. 

Prior to the incident, on Aug. 26, Keyser had been arrested for aggravated battery and strangulation, allegedly leaving the victim with a laceration on her head and multiple other injuries. At that time, the victim informed officers the fights had been ongoing.

On Aug. 27, Keyser was charged with aggravated battery as domestic abuse, strangulation and suffocation as domestic abuse, two counts of felony bail jumping, disorderly conduct as domestic abuse and four counts of misdemeanor bail jumping. He was released on a $500 cash bond.

When officers arrived on Aug. 30, Keyser had already left the residence. The victim told officers that Keyser allegedly hit her in the head and broke her phone. 

EMS found a fresh scar on her head from where Keyser had reportedly hit her a few days earlier as well as new a bump from where he had allegedly punched her on that day. 

The victim expressed her concern to the officers that Keyser would not stop coming back to the residence. She reportedly said, “He’s not going to leave me alone until he goes to jail.” 

Officers agreed that Keyser would likely continue to come back and they noted in the report that something “very bad” was going to end up happening.

Keyser had reportedly been at the residence the day before causing more issues and when the victim said she was calling the cops, Keyser allegedly said, “I don’t care if I go to jail as long as you're six feet under.”

When officers left the residence on Aug. 30, Keyser reportedly came back to the house by climbing up the second story balcony and began assaulting the victim again and at 9:08 a.m., officers were again dispatched to the residence. 

The caller said her father, Keyser, had returned to the house and was allegedly going to kill her mother. Officers arrived at 9:32 a.m. and as they approached the residence, they could hear Keyser yelling.

Keyser was reportedly found in the master bedroom with a metal screwdriver and a wood chisel in his hand. The victim and the two kids in the residence said Keyser had allegedly threatened to stab the victim in the throat and kill her when she barricaded herself in the master bathroom; officers reportedly found holes in the bathroom door. 

The victim had fresh marks on both the back of her head and arms.

All three victims said Keyser had allegedly been abusive for years, but that it had escalated in the last few days. They alleged it was due to his recent drug use.

Keyser was arrested and transported to the Monroe County Jail. A $10,000 cash bond was set.

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