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“Why should I sell my home through an agent instead of just selling it myself?”


“Why should I sell my home through an agent instead of just selling it myself?”

Coltyn Bettis- United Country Realty- Midwest Lifestyle Properties

There are several reasons why selling your property through an agent can be beneficial compared to selling it yourself: The first is knowledge and expertise: Real estate agents have extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry. They have professional experience with pricing, marketing strategies, negotiating skills, and navigating legal requirements. This expertise can be invaluable in getting your home sold quickly and for the best price.

The second is access to a wider pool of buyers: Real estate agents have access to multiple listing services (MLS) as well as many other tailored marketing platforms which allow them to market your home to a larger network of potential buyers. They also have connections with other agents and buyers that can increase your home's visibility.

The third reason is saving time: Selling a property can be a time-consuming process, from staging the property, to holding open houses, to negotiating with buyers. A real estate agent can take care of all these tasks, freeing up your time and reducing the stress of selling your property.

The fourth reason is better negotiation skills: Real estate agents are skilled negotiators and can help you get the best price for your home. They can also help you navigate tricky situations like multiple offers, counteroffers, and inspection issues.

And the last reason is legal protection: Real estate agents are familiar with the legal requirements and paperwork involved in selling a home. They can ensure that all necessary documents are signed and filed correctly, reducing the risk of legal issues down the line.

Overall, while selling your property yourself may seem like a good way to save money on commissions, the benefits of working with a real estate agent that specializes in what you're selling can far outweigh the cost.

1st CCU Mortgage Team

Just as you want to make sure you’re in good hands when it comes to getting a home loan, you also want to make sure you are taken care of when selling your home.  A Realtor is the professional for selling and buying and utilizing a realtor’s expertise is a wise decision.  Selling your home means negotiating a legal contract, and you want a licensed Realtor on your side.

Also, in the current market, exposure is key, and Realtors have many resources to get your home sold fast and at the best price. Using a realtor will make your home sale easy, from meeting with buyers, setting up showings, writing offers, helping with staging and advertising, to coordinating an appraisal and closing, let a realtor help you sell your home today. 

Trent Ziegler- Owner/Broker- Coulee Real Estate

Real estate agents have local housing expertise! They know current market conditions and are effective in putting together a marketing strategy with the goal of getting the seller the most money possible for a seller’s home.  I have seen lots of “for sale by owner” properties sell for way less than market value because they did not want to pay a commission, losing out on thousands of dollars! 

Realtors are experts in putting together enticing listings for your property to showcase features buyers are looking for. They make your homes listing much more appealing to potential buyers! Prior to listing they recommend specific home improvements that matter most to buyers while pointing out red flags that buyers and home inspectors will find.

Real estate agents have more access to listing outlets including the “MLS” or Multiple Listing Service which is where other marketing sites like Zillow and get their information. Real estate agents’ network with other agents to increase buyer interest. Real estate agents field all calls, answer all questions, and vet potential buyers. They skillfully go through and negotiate offers that meet the seller’s needs in price, timing and repairs. 

Agents are especially helpful in multiple offer situations discussing the pros and cons of each offer and the most effective way to counter them.  There is lots of strategy in negotiating on some offers that have loopholes and unusual requests. Selling a home also comes with lots of paperwork!  Real estate agents handle it all from the beginning, all the way to closing.

Janet Kaiser- Agent/ Broker Associate - Simonson Real Estate & Auction Service

There are several advantages to using a Real Estate Agent.

Fair and current price: A market analysis will show you current sales in your area and price your home accordingly.

Safety: You will know who is in your home for a showing and with what agent.

Less stress: You can leave the stress to your realtor!

Knowledge: We are proud to provide you the best service with the latest information from our continuing education and our experiences.

Your agent is just a phone call away and will provide the best customer service to you and your family!


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