Elizabeth (Betty) Jane McLoed



   WILTON - Betty was born in Wellington Township,  Wilton, on July 31, 1930 to Mildred (Rodefer) and Bernard Morton.   She was welcomed by big brother Robert Loasching.    Sadly, her father passed away from pneumonia shortly after her birth..    Her mother later married Gib Gilbertson of Black River Falls.

   Betty spent her childhood between Black River Falls and her  Aunt Marge (Rodefer) and Mike Moseley in Sparta/Warrens.  The Moseley household was full of boys,  Gene, Gary and David and Betty quickly became the “sister” they never had.

   A young serviceman from MIchigan, stationed at Camp McCoy, caught her eye, and in August, 1951 she and Max McLoed were married in Warrens.   This union lasted for 61 years, until his passing in 2012.

   Betty worked for over 25 years at Ft. McCoy in the Supply and Services Department.   She made many life-long friendships, crossing generations of families.

   In 1993, Betty and Max retired, moving from their Bow Street, Tomah home to Ruskin, Florida.   In Florida, they quickly established themselves in the heart of their community, making dear friends with all.

   Betty loved to organize parties, especially those involving food!    Salad luncheons with her co-workers,  Rodefer cousin get-togethers or the neighborhood Christmas potlucks in Ruskin.

   She crocheted hundreds of afghans for babies and adults, all with the tried and true zigzag pattern.   Many different colors, only one design.   Betty’s favorite treat to make, and gift to friends, neighbors and family was “Cashew Crunch”>   Her Florida family affectionately called it her “Christmas Crack”. and it still is a neighborhood favorite.

   Betty never let her petite size stop her from any physical challenge. Into her late 80’s she was still getting in her 10,000 steps each day and 3 miles on the bicycle.   She enjoyed paddling in the kayak with the Warrens Yak Club, when visiting back in Wisconsin.

   Betty’s strength of will was just as strong -- She never backed down from a matter of opinion with one of her cousins, or when Cousin David challenged her to eat a super sized banana split.

   For many of us, she was related distantly by blood as a cousin, but in the spirit of connection she took on the role of sister-in-law, Aunt, or great Aunt.    She will be greatly missed, and fondly remembered with full hearts.

            Per her request,  their ashes will be placed along Lake Michigan.