Espress Yo Self offers prepared yumminess Sparta business a regular at Justin Trails Farmers Market


Jessica Collins, owner of Espress Yo Self, was at Wilton Fest this past weekend, selling many of her unique baking items. She is a regular out at the Justin Trails Farmers Market, where she will be this Thursday, August 10th. Collins offers premixed cakes and cookie ingredients, making it possible, for even the most novice bakers, to have an easy time preparing a delicious dessert, in a short time.

When Jessica first started out, she baked cupcakes and cakes, for birthdays and special events, which she continues to do. Then someone invited her to a vendor event, and she was hooked. While her first year was difficult, and a bit daunting, she has found her groove in her second year, and she in not looking back.

Jessic Collins says that the highlighted item of Espress Yo Self, is the Mug cake. “Our Mug cakes are a microwaveable cake, that only require two tablespoons of water. Within minutes, a fresh, hot cake is ready to eat. It is rare to be able to eat a fresh cake, while it is still warm.”

There are four base cake flavors to choose from: chocolate, strawberry, golden yellow and Vanilla. Jessica offers Mix Ups and Mix Ins, which are choices that customers may add to their cakes. The plethora of add ins include sprinkles, blueberries, strawberry crunchies, white chocolate chips, M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces, and much more. “I even have caramel and pecans mixed together, so customers can enjoy a turtle. We do offer them completely ready to go, so it is an easy grab-and-go for people in a hurry.”

Another unique item that Jessica offers at Espress Yo Self, are her homemade cookie mix jars. “I have had so much fun with these,” says Collins. “I layer all the ingredients in the jar. All you need is a stick of butter, some vanilla and an egg and this jar. Everything is already measured out, so all you do, is dump it all together and mix it up. You can have cookies in 10 minutes.” Each jar is filled in an eye-pleasing manor, and decorated, so that when it sits in waiting, it serves as a decorative addition to any shelf or countertop.

The types of cookie possibilities that Jessica offers include Almond Joy cookies, Reese’s Peanut Butter cookies, the best chocolate chip cookies ever, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered cherries cookies, and the list goes on. Collins talks about how they make great gifts. “I have the gift bags here. It comes with a potholder and a little spatula to mix it all up. The instructions are right on the jar, as well.”

Jessica Collins sees herself continuing on with Espress Yo Self for quite a while. “I am getting into the groove of setting up and tearing down, which can be a challenge when you first start out. I absolutely love meeting all the new people, especially all the vendors at the many different events, and building relationships with them. It has been really fun.”      

When Jessica takes Espress Yo Self to Justin Trails this week, she will be rolling out something brand new, that she is really excited about. “I am going to start making rolled ice cream. So, we will have the fresh, hot Mug cakes, rolled with the ice cream, as a possible choice for customers. I am really excited to debut my rolled ice cream treats.”

Being strictly a vendor, you must catch up with Espress Yo Self at one of the many events that Jessica shows up to. Jessica is a regular at the Justin Trails Farmers Markets, which runs every Thursday, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., through September 28th. Justin Trails is located at 7452 Kathryn Avenue, in Sparta, which is actually a few miles south of the city proper. Yon can keep up to date with Espress Yo Self, on their Facebook page, or email them at for private events, of any size. You may also reach them by phone, at 608-633-8307.

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