Taste of NYC comes to Tomah The Lot: food truck and live music venue


How many times a day do people ask “where you’re from?” Anthony Damiano, a recent transplant from New York City says, “15 to 25 times a day.” Anthony’s tall stature and friendly demeanor draws people in who aren’t afraid to ask! Anthony continues, “We are a beer garden, live music venue that has our own food truck on premise.” The Lot has been going strong now, since April 2022, in the heart of Downtown Tomah. It has been growing a following of diner and music lovers, of all ages. Anthony loves his new hometown of Tomah and hopes to have more folks from around the area come to enjoy the space and all the fun offerings, too.

Anthony Damiano and partner, Andre Keenan, came to the area as a government contractor, providing civilian hospitality services for the government. “Being contracted here from New York City was a blessing in disguise. We fell in love with the area.”  When the year’s contract was over, they decided to fulfill another dream and open their first food truck here. Damiano continued, “The actual food truck was my partner, Andre Keenan’s idea, and we tied everything like the beer garden and live music in together.”

Anthony Damiano is an expert at off premise cooking and catering. He has serviced high profile events in tricky spots all over New York. From new store grand openings in NYC, to barn weddings, he’s got a ton of experiences and stories to tell. “We have even set up in a changing room at a store’s grand opening in NYC!” Damiano recounts. They were ready for a change. Now, “… we love the small town local feel of living in Tomah.”

Damiano is Italian by heritage and his top seller at The Lot is a delicious meatball sandwich. “We have a nice mix of Italian, Mexican, Vietnamese, BBQ and more…” That mix is apparent in their family friendly menu, which includes everything from smothered nachos, Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwiches, NYC street pretzels with German beer cheese sauce, sides like Twinkie’s and chips and even a “build your own” s’mores option, at their fire pit. The Lot enjoys showcasing local ingredients, such as Farmers Market maple syrup and pickles, fresh baked bread from The Bakers Table, and local beer on tap. The Lot also has delivery service, via Door Dash, where you can see their full menu, order food and even order fun merchandise like hats and beer cozies. 

Another local ingredient they love to share is local music. Damiano explains, “Local talent, such as Tomah’s own Duncan Peterson, Nick Blashke and Brandon Baldwin have all played here. I also own a music management company, which has helped us attract touring artists, such as Adam Pearce from NBC’s The Voice.”

You can find The Lot at 1112 Superior Ave, in downtown Tomah. Their website is badpropertiesinc.com/thelot


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